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My name's David Headley .... Many people call me Slippery, from a nickname I received from my early biker days. I'm a singer, songwriter, guitarist from Mid-Michigan. My influences in music has always been rock & blues, but I have remained open to expression, because that's how good stuff is born. You take the rules off it and let it brew.

I started playing in the early 80's and was gigging by the 90's. bars, clubs, parties, events. They all seemed cool. By 2006 I was getting tired of the late night road, and working full time, and trying to raise a family. Something had to go... For my own health. So I started exploring the art of songwriting more seriously. That kept me home and out of trouble. But I don't remember how many systems I've bought and built to try and record something. Thanks to Josh Ford and his friends, and my cousin Justin Headley, my desire to develop a cool bunch of tunes came true. I've heard it put many ways... "Hey...You got put your time in"......"Hey...You gotta pay your dues"... "Hey...Never give up"..... But after many years this is it. Recorded in Detroit Michigan, some of my favorite original tunes mixed with my new found love...... The CBG (Cigar Box Guitar) I present my work. Headley - The CBG

Cigar Box Guitars are rather interesting to me because it was done in the 1920s as a way to make music when people were broke. I got interested when my uncle Mike Headley called me and asked me if I wanted one. So he made me one. At first I thought this is kinda neat.... But what do I do with this thing? But when I got it home, and tuned it up.... all sorts of ideas started pouring out! And now... I think I love playing the CBG more than the traditional guitar. It brings the early blues style back into the mix and gives a expression of raw talent. There's something to be said about this primitive tool... You must become one with your tool to produce a good sound... But it's so worth it!

I've created these songs for your enjoyment and I hope you like them. Thanks for your support!

David Headley


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